Reframax Engineering

Passive Fire Protection (Fireproofing)

Reframax has a technical staff specialized in Passive Fire Protection (Fireproofing), able to intervene in the most diverse situations experienced in the industry. The protection systems and the materials we use follow strictly the technical specifications recommended by customers and suppliers and are therefore recognized by international bodies, which certify the efficiency of the services provided.

Less risks, more advantages

Risk mitigation has a number of advantages, such as the evacuation of people in a timely manner, operational maneuvers that minimize impacts – especially with regard to the financial value of the assets (real estate, machinery and equipment), prevention of structural collapses that can cause explosions and reduce the cost of insurance policies.


  • Protection of skirts of towers, equipment and ball legs with cementitious materials (Portland cement, insulation and semi-insulation concrete) or intumescent paints.
  • Protection of metallic structures with cementitious materials or intumescent paints.
  • Protection in conduits and electrodes by means of systems that use encapsulated ceramic fiber blanket or ablative / intumescent ink.
  • Fire seal in passages, gaps, also by means of systems that use ceramic fiber blanket and intumescent paint or rock wool and ablative paint, fire doors etc.