Reframax Engineering


The registration process in the Paradigma Supply Chain Portal follows the guidelines described below. Before beginning step-by-step, gather the requested documents and information available and carefully read the information regarding the process of registration and homologation of suppliers.


Guidelines for registration

It is extremely important that the interested company follow the guidelines for completing the registration so that there is no doubt. These guidelines are divided into three (03) steps:

Step 1 – Filling in data:
Once the initial registration has been made in the Paradigma portal, the protocol number will be made available and a link will be forwarded to the registered e-mail to complete the information and the query to complement the information provided.

Step 2 – Query:

Reframax recommends reading the questions and preparing the information that must be answered before starting the filling process.

Step 3 – Electronic submission of Documentation:

After filling in the registration form, interested companies should digitize and make available all mandatory documentation on the site (Description, Validity, etc.).

Mandatory documentation:

  • The documentation to be presented will be by family of items and / or services to be provided with all items being mandatory and companies being able to provide documentation for more than one family of products/services.
  • Documentation to be submitted, when requested by Reframax.

Attention: if it is approved as a supplier, the company may participate in bidding and procurement competitions, pricing for budgets, and other needs.


Essential Information

  • The registration of your company has a validity of 12 (twelve) months and does not represent any type of contract between the parties.
  • Reframax, within its compliance parameters, is responsible for approving or not a registration made by a potential supplier. If applicable, Reframax may also request additional information and documents from the company that made the registration.
  • Once registered and approved, the company will be included in Reframax’s supplier base.
  • Non-homologation does not demand a formal response, and Reframax may provide information on the progress of the process.