Reframax Engineering


Founded in 1999, Reframax has consolidated itself in the application of refractory lining and thermal insulation market due to the great competence of its staff, the permanent investment in personnel and safety training and the quality added to the work. The social and environmental responsibility that guides all actions and projects also makes Reframax a company tuned to the transformations of the time in which we live.

Formed by experienced and qualified professionals, who value excellence in service delivery, the technical team has already served hundreds of clients and performed thousands of works in Brazil and abroad. Reframax has more than three thousand fixed employees, maintained through long term contracts, services of refractory and thermal and acoustic insulation.

Located in strategic points in Brazil and Latin America, Reframax has a rapid mobilization of its employees to meet the needs of its clients with great efficiency and effectiveness.

With the implementation of the Complementary Services, Reframax expanded its portfolio of services by providing competitive advantages and better solutions to its clients, performing the assembly of accesses and scaffolding, industrial painting, electromechanical maintenance and fireproofing,.

In addition to these services, Reframax offers technical assistance and advice to its clients. It develops project and application solutions focused on optimizing resources and eliminating waste, and, consequently, reducing all costs. Among them are: industrial consulting services, project decision support and services, laboratory analysis services, drying services, thermal comfort and air conditioning, use of refractory materials and thermal solutions to customers.

Reframax spotlights:

  • Technical assistance and consulting;
  • Safety qualification;
  • Know how in industrial solutions;
  • Quick mobilization;
  • Skilled workforce;
  • Own equipment (provided by Equipamax , group company);
  • Knowledge of customer equipment;
  • Agility and efficiency in meeting new customer requests during project execution.


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