Reframax Engineering

Accesses and Scaffolds

Reframax_acessos e andaimesTo assist in the construction and maintenance of industrial units, Reframax performs rent, assembly and disassembly of scaffolding, beyond platforms rentals.

We have a specialized team that calculates and sets the optimal structure for the project, considering the correct distribution of loads through the balance of forces system.

We meet the demands of various types of industrial work at height, ranging from thermal and acoustic insulation, refractory application, cleaning and painting, to reform, construction or maintenance in industrial plants.

Scaffolding and platforms

  • Traditional mounting systems, consisting of pipes and clamps adaptable to any geometry;
  • System multidirectional scaffolding fitting;
  • Tubular scaffolds and accessories;
  • Articulated and folding platforms (scissors);
  • Stairs with standard guardrails;
  • Other scaffolding formats and platforms.


  • Projects with Technical Term of Responsibility (ART);
  • Price compatible with the market;
  • Agility in the assembly of access structures;
  • Trained staff;
  • Own equipment;


In partnership with a company of Reframax Group, we offer other types of platforms and solutions to aid constructing and maintaining factories.


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