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Technology and Equipment

Innovate, seek for technological solutions to make us safer, faster and with greater added value, ensuring the final quality of the services provided. These are the engines of our technological development.

With a focus on continuous improvement of our activities, allied with the expertise of our employees and attention on what is most innovative in our market, we search to develop equipment, methods and processes that in carrying out our activities in a safe, efficient and responsive to the needs of our customers.


Proyección Robotizada
n 2011, we established a partnership with an international
refractory manufacturer, which allowed the production
of two equipment for application of refractory
concrete for shotcrete robot.

Reframax provides the modern Ferrotron,
which performs a laser measurement, that
allows a detailed analysis of a region, drawing
the wear profile in refractory lining.

Some of our equipment:

Pneumatic Workbench                                                  Pumping Machine Allentown RP10/ RP20 (shotcrete)


Cutting Machine RF650 D24                                         Cutting Machine with Automatic Control 


Velco: Manipulator for RH Vessel                                Automated Projection Machine with single chamber


Concrete Mixer of 1.000Kg                                             Airless – Xtreme 70 Graco


Shooter (Projection LD)                                                  Demolition Robot with Remote Control

Removal equipment                                             Ultra High Pressure Cleaning Equipment
of Vacuum Suction Paint


In order to offer a better quality and respect to our client deadlines, Reframax provides for rental equipment that offers greater agility, safety and efficiency in the performance of services.

The complete machinery for rental and sale is offered by Equipamax.

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